Lighted Crochet Hooks Set

Is it hard to crochet with dark colors?

Lighted crochet hookWant to crochet on a road trip?

This lighted crochet hooks set is the perfect solution!   I received these as a gift and didn’t know what I thought at first.  As reviews state below, they are surprisingly bright so it takes some getting used to.

Bonus part is that they are very ergonomically beneficial and my hand has stopped cramping and hurting.

These are sold on Amazon and is where I prefer to shop because they are great on returns if need be, and I’ve never had a problem when shopping for any item, and I’ve got Prime for free shipping which is wonderful if you’re receiving a lot of packages throughout the year.

Just click the pic and get yours today!

lighted crochet hooks setcrochet hooks lighted setREVIEWS

These have a 4.4 star rating which is pretty darn good.  There are a few people who have not liked the bright light, or the feel of it right away, but have gone on to love it.  I was actually one of those people.  Now I prefer to use these even if I don’t have the light on!



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