Best Yarn Ball Winder

Do You Have a Giant Stash of Yarn?

I can definitely relate!

I finally broke down and decided I needed a yarn ball winder or watch my craft room be taken over.

I found three yarn ball winders for various budgets to help you manage your yarn.  If there’s a best yarn ball winder, I would say each of these fits the bill for the price range.  So hopefully this Yarn Ball Winder Review will help you decide which yarn ball winder will best fit your needs and your budget.


Number One is for the budget conscious.

This yarn ball winder has great reviews and is only $19.99.  There were a very few people who stated is was unstable, but when I read the review it also talked about the table, so it could have been the problem.

This is also great because it clamps on to the table, and doesn’t just slip on, so it adds stability.  I’ve found that holding the yarn and keeping the tension helps to get a really nice cake.

A Few Reviews

Best Yarn Ball Winder

Best Yarn Ball Winder

The Mid-Range Price Point Yarn Ball Winder

For this price point, I have several friends who have this yarn ball winder and absolutely love it.  With 553 customer reviews it comes out with a 4.8 rating.  That’s stupendous!

The manufacturer states ” jumbo size metal ball winder. This super high quality winder is built to withstand heavy use. In comparison to competitors’ models, our model has the following advantages: (1) We use special nylon material for cogwheels. They are super strong but make much less noise than the metal cogwheels; (2) Our model does not require tools to assemble; (3) Our frame is painted by electrostatic painting so the paint won’t come off; 4) The edges of this machine are super smooth. It won’t leave any marks on your table.

This winder can handle about 10 oz. of yarn, which is 2.5 times of what our smaller winder does. It can be clamped onto a table up to 2 1/8″ thick. It is best to be used with a swift yarn winder (Umbrella or Amish style, both available under Stanwood Needlecraft brand names). But you can easily replace a swift with other devices or just simply your arms.”

A Few Reviews

Best yarn ball winder

High Range Price Point for the Best Yarn Ball Winder

This little gem has rave reviews on multiple points.

Direct from the manufacturer who says “makes our ball winder unique is the power and leverage of the handle and gear system. By using positively engaged gears as opposed to belts, we get no slippage. The handle is special because of its size and shape. The ball end allows you to transfer energy while gripping it from various angles.

Winding yarn on our HDBW is like driving a luxury sedan compared to driving an underpowered 1965 VW bug when you comare it to the plastic winders. Plus, you can easily ad a motor drive. It is the only ballwinder in the World that can be used in that manner.”

A Few Reviews

best yarn ball winder

I read many reviews before I purchased.  Negative reviews always make me nervous, but recognizing that absolutely NO product will make everyone happy made me focus on the perks. 

All of these products work wonderfully.  I would, if you have the budget, go for #3 for the speed.  However, if you don’t mind taking a little longer…. I’m pretty darn happy with #2, even though I think it looks a bit odd, it sure does the job!

Any of these are a great way to wrap up your yarn stash and save some space (to buy more yarn, of course!)

If you’ve found this yarn ball winder review helpful, or if you’ve got questions or you have an opinion about a completely different one, please leave a comment below.  I would absolutely love to hear from you!




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