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Hello and welcome to Expertcraftss Crochet Central!

I am Maria, a wife, a mother of four, step-mom of two, and grandmother of one.  I’m a gypsy at heart and have tried many different jobs from hospice care to housekeeping, medical transcription to customer service rep.

I’m not very good at the day-to-day chores, though I do them, and get bored easily with a 9-5 job, so I have tried a lot of things to make money and help support my family.  I’ve had an Etsy shop for the past five years and that’s been wonderful.

The two things I absolutely love are crochet and writing, so after years of trying to figure out how to make a website that would at least pay for itself and possibly more, I finally got the training and tools I needed to make it happen, and here I am!

I’m sure I’m like you in some way… I wanted to spend more time with my family, have the freedom to get out and experience things, and just live my life, not just work to exist.  Other people did this… soo

Why couldn’t I?

It seemed that no matter where I looked, or what group I joined, or scam I fell for…  I failed.   I studied SEO, made a website, even figured out how to put an ad on my page, but then there was another roadblock, a question, confusion.

I’m a well educated woman and like to think I’m intelligent…. but… I got stuck.  I had nowhere to turn.  It drove me a little crazy.  It turns out I was clearly not looking in the right place.  I finally found what I was looking for, and the ironic part is that it was during a search for reviews on a different program that WAS a scam and wanted $99…to start.  Not this time!

I had big dreams, determination and tenacity!

Thanks to finding Wealthy Affiliate, my questions are being answered, my path is clear, and I am learning every single day how to make this a lifetime successful venture that let’s me crochet and write every single day!

They didn’t offer me a job.  They gave me opportunities, tools and training.  They’ve taught me to take my passion for crochet and writing and turn it in to a career.  WA has a huge community that is right behind me every step of the way.  Free to start with no gimmicks or hidden costs.  They provided every tool I needed to start and run a successful online business.

And now I’m thrilled to be able to share how I got here and what I love with you!

If you’d like to join me at Wealthy Affiliate, you can register and create your FREE membership.   This is where I network with others and where I’d love to work with you and offer my help in whatever way I can.  Let’s make some money together!

Grab up your passion and take your life back today!  Read more and sign up here on my Wealthy Affiliate Review page.

So that’s my story and now I’m here to share every possible pattern, technique, tip and trick I can.  I am a hard worker and can get lost in my projects sometimes, but in my spare time I can be found:

Mrs. Beasley, our 12 pound Fourche Terrier (Westie/Yorkie mix)

  1.  Spending time with my family, game night, dinners, etc.
  2.  Crocheting, making patterns, doing other DIY projects.
  3. Finding new places to walk, explore the outdoors.
  4. Traveling (as much as possible!)
  5. Watching chick flicks and mushy movies.

Life is good, and it’s getting better every single day.  I hope that you enjoy all the things you’ll find here at Expertcraftss Crochet Central.   Please share you thoughts, comments, and anything you like below.  I’d love to hear from you!

Happy crocheting!



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